When we did the first National Freedom in Christ Conference two years ago we concluded that we would definitely have to secure Tressie’s help with our second conference scheduled for this year. Her work brought the quality of brilliance to our electronic communications in every way. We received inquiries about the person who did our graphics. I was so proud to tell them that Tressie Design was the creative force behind the designs that made our event look so compelling.

-Dr. Jerry Taylor
Executive Director, Emancipation Fellowship Ministries

I would highly recommend Tressie Design for all of your business needs. Her personality and friendliness makes it easy to explain my needs and I have never had any problems getting my needs met while working with Tressie. She listens to my ideas and also incorporates her own within reason. I have made use of all her suggested ideas which made me realize that for her, this is not just a business deal but she also looks out for the well being of her clients and seeks to deliver a quality that is hard to match.

Adebimpe McMillon

I would highly recommend Tressie for any type of web design because of her dedication to your project, as well as her attention to detail. There is no time limit because she is results oriented, starts a job and continues until it’s complete.

Juanita Lee
Photographer, Jlees Photo Creations

Tressie is both a listener and a doer, most people are either one or the other. Her patience and care in capturing the vision I sought to cast was critical to the success of our project’s aims. I was pleased at both her professionalism, despite our friendship, and her willingness to go the extra mile.

Robert Lilly
Founder, Da’Cipher 360 Youth Support Ministries

Pam and I loved your work. You have a very fresh and youthful feel which was exactly what we were looking for. We especially loved the personalized attention we got as your customer. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for great designs, professional service and a quick turn around time.

George Pendergrass
President, TEPA Productions

The service that you provide is through and intuitive regarding how the person who views my website will react to the information that they see. Your designs are beautiful, classy and creative. Your work reflects what I hope people will see in my work as a creative performing artist.

Samuel Cook
Associate Professor of Music, Abilene Christian University